Please allow me to introduce myself…

Hi there, blog reading people of internet-land!

Me, in case you were wondering…

My name is Beki, I am a London-based photographer who loves food. I also have to follow a gluten-free diet for health reasons and am also pretty lactose intolerant. These two facets of me don’t always get along! I refuse to eat boring cardboard food.

I watched a TV show recently and was shocked to watch the coeliac guy on there with his family, living on a weird diet of mostly onion-based salads and processed readymeals. I felt so sorry for him!! There are so many delicious things out there which you can still eat, or make yourself to get around the fact that wheat, rye and barley are no longer your friends!

Finnish style herring toasts (gluten free, naturally)… Idea stolen from the Helsinki Baltic Herring Festival, recipe coming soon!!

So I thought I would start to share some of my gluten free experiences, dining out and cooking at home, as well as some of my favourite finds. I have always been very much a “by-eye” cook, but writing recipes down to post online has meant I have had to start measuring things instead of tipping things in until it looks about right. I am definitely more mess than domestic!!

I like eating healthily although I’m not some clean eating bore, and my partner has been mostly vegetarian/pescetarian for most of his life so a lot of what you are going to see here is pretty healthy and often plant-based. I’m not a chef or a nutritionist, although I somehow ended up managing a restaurant for a while and now have massive respect for anyone working in hospitality. It left me too tired to be creative and that’s just not going to work!

Hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you have any great gluten-free tips and recommendations! I would love to hear them.



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