A little something for the weekend? Bramble Whisky

3 ingredients… The only hard work is leaving it alone for long enough to infuse!


So it seems that autumn has landed now! The Indian summer was nice while it lasted but now we’ve got grey skies on full blast! Bramble whisky is a twist on the British winter classic Sloe Gin, and this is a good time of year the get hold of wild blackberries before they’re gone! It works well on it’s own, in cocktails or as a little lift in sauces and deserts. Once it is steeped for long enough I will show you some of the things I love to make with it!

If you are extremely sensitive to gluten, then swap out the whisky for rum. The distillation process renders whisky as close to gluten free as possible for something which started out grain-based, but listen to your body and take the call for what works for you… and remember drinking too much whisky is going to make you feel horrible whether its the gluten, or the 3 day hangover you have caused yourself. And be warned, this is maybe a little too moreish!!


Bramble Whisky

  • 550ml blended scotch
  • 200g blackberries
  • 3tbsp demerara sugar
  1. Combine all the ingredients in an empty, clean soda bottle
  2. Leave for 1-2 months, inverting occasionally
  3. Try not to break into it until after at least a month, although it’s better to leave it a bit longer to allow the flavour to develop.


This is not the place to bust out a particularly special single malt – a cheap supermarket or highstreet brand is perfect for this! We will steer clear of sacrilege if we can!! If you are swapping the whisky for rum then you might want to cut the sugar down a bit, depending on how sweet you want it to be, but a spiced dark rum works well with blackberries for a great winter evening drink!


Also in the woods, just not in  my whisky!!


What are your favourite seasonal ingredients? Do you have any favourite dishes or drinks now that the weather is cooling off and the nights are drawing in?


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