COOKIES AND SCREAM – I want to be the girl with the most (GF) cake



Pleased to meet you, won’t you guess my name… Beelzebub Pie… Oh right… The name is on the money…


Back in December, while I was trying not to kill people when Christmas shopping, I popped into Cookies and Scream on Holloway road. When I get shopping rage the best move is for me to shove something delicious in my mouth to distract myself, and a cafe loaded with gluten and dairy free sweet treats was just too much to resist. OK full disclosure, on this particular shopping trip I got really impatient with present hunting and bought some christmas cards, a couple of secret santa bits and a new Mac for myself…


Anyway enough about my shopping habits and more about the delicious things! If you have dietary restrictions then you will know the sheer delight of looking at a desert menu and being able to eat EVERYTHING! Yep, the feeling of wanting to do backflips, except that being so full of cake, backflips are quite possibly the worst idea. EVER.


I ordered an Affogato shake and it was a heavenly cloud of caffeinated nice-cream with caramel sauce. And no dairy. Exactly the kind of thing that I lustfully stare at normally knowing how unwell I would feel after eating it. It was one of those where have you been all my life moments. The main event though, was the aptly titled Beelzebub Pie! THE BEST GLUTEN FREE PIE EVER! In fact even in my unrestricted gluten munching days, I’m not sure that I have had a chocolate pie this good. The crust was biscuity and short, providing the perfect foil for the decadently oozing chocolate topping, shot with caramel ripples. A devilishly good pie indeed.


Shake, rattle and roll… the affogato shake, a thing of beauty and wonder!
Did I mention that this place is VEGAN too, so if you you got hooked while doing Veganuary and have stuck it out or are long-term plant-based, then you don’t have to miss out on awesome cakes, cookies and shakes. Yay also for egg and dairy allergy and intolerance sufferers! Their products are also made without refined sugar, which is good to know. Yep, no gluten, no dairy, no eggs and no refined sugar aaaand the environment is also much more laid-back Rock Bar than wheatgrass and holier-than-though beige, which  is lets face it, a far happier place to be when you are shovelling cake into your mouth with gusto.


 Bonus points for the conversation going on at the counter about the merits or lack there-of, of using jackfruit to make a pulled-pork-esque thing, Jackfruit being something I have only eaten it in a couple of dessert dishes in Bali. I’m going to have a play around with this very soon though!


Overall, my conclusion: Cookies and Scream is the perfect response to all the may-sayers who thing that being gluten free / dairy free / vegan or any combination of the above have a diet of iceberg lettuce, lentils , quinoa and celery. So go there and eat all the cake!! I would happily give what I had 10/10 and it absolutely put me in a better mood!


One more picture of that pie… just because…
For more info take a look at
Let me know if you have found any great places for gluten free cakes and treats!!
B. x


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