Lazy Sunday Takeaway: gluten free pizza at Firezza

Mmmm… Pizza!! Just look at that pizza base… It looks just like a real, normal pizza right?!


Sundays aren’t meant to be hard work… today we dragged the futon out and made a nest in the living room, hid under duvets and watched blues from the 70s on iPlayer. Naturally I wasn’t about to bust out the pots and pans and start cooking.

Firezza is a bit of a go-to for me, their Crouch End branch is probably the nearest place to me that does GF pizza. And my, what pizza… the Finn and the friends I’ve had lazy pizza nights with all agree it is the best, most normal pizza base in the land of gluten free… Yes! It looks and tastes like real pizza! A couple of times I have eyed it suspiciously wondering if they have sent me a regular pizza, it looks so good! The base does have a little less bite than a regular pizza but it is the closest thing to a normal pizza and that is a great big slice of joy!

We opted for the Verde Ortalana, a veggie pizza with aubergine, mushroom and artichoke and added extra basil and garlic butter, because well… everyone wants to be extra! I’ve also tried the Porcini di Bosco and the Capricciosa which were both excellent too. We got wedges and a rocket and sunblushed tomato salad in the 2 for £6 sides deal too. I’ve also heard from vegan friends that their vegan cheese is great too.

The GF base is an extra £2 but the pizza is still reasonably priced, and even including the Deliveroo fee it all came in at under £20… I am now so stuffed I am just going to lie here very happy, fall asleep on the leopard blanket and try to pretend I don’t have to go to work in the morning!

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