Beki is back


Happy on holiday, with a large glass of red – pretty standard, I guess!


So I disappeared again from my blog, if you follow my Instagram you might know some of the story. Not long after my last post on here I quit my job at a start-up after getting slowly disillusioned with it. Once that feeling bites in, I find it very hard to hide. I wasn’t sure where I would go from there. I had started to work with a friend on their fashion label, but it turned out that this person was less a friend and more a drama queen lunatic (they are now out of my life, and let’s just leave it at that…).


Perks of the job!


I started working in a Japanese restaurant an easy commute from my flat. I hadn’t really over thought getting back into the restaurant industry but was desperate to avoid the heavy commute which had caused me to have panic attacks on the way into my previous job, and left me feeling irritated and drained. Before long I ended up back in restaurant management, and falling back in love with food, and with talking about food. So here I am again… talking about food.


Home-made octopus with paprika and polenta


The other kick in the backside to start writing again came from being really badly glutened after eating something I had been assured was safe. I realised I have to take a bit more care about what I’m putting in my body and how I look after myself (don’t panic there is still space for safe cake!!!).


Blueberry cake… Full post coming soon I promise!


I recently went back to Finland and every time I visit, the return to London is more of a wrench… I’ve got a bunch of product restaurant and product reviews coming up as well as a few easy recipes inspired by Finnish food and ingredients. It was so easy to be gluten free in Helsinki, that I really didn’t want to come back!


Suomenlinna skies


I’ve also been continuing to munch my way around London and test out some new recipes which will be coming soon too, and in a couple of weeks I’m off to explore Mallorca, so would totally love to hear any tips for being GF in Spain!


I can’t wait to eat all the padrons!!


I’m feeling excited and refreshed to be back to BekiBites!

B. xx

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