The most delicious way to beat the blues…

Porokylän Mustikkapiirakka – Blueberry pies – bringers of gluten free JOY!

Pies for your eyes to behold

While we were in Finland we visited our friend’s elderly father. Our friend who is an excellent host told me on the way to visit that he had picked me up some gf blueberry muffins so I wouldn’t be left out of the coffee and cake ritual. My mind filled with the dread of hit and miss gf muffins, and honestly there have been far more misses than hits!


look into my pies…

I had no cause to worry, and after my pet Finn had paraded his raspberry and custard cake, goading me with how good it tasted I got down to the business of trying mine! The cake was feather light and thin, lightly flavoured with cinnamon and stuffed with a glut, almost an embarrassment of blueberries. A long way from the flavourless, heavy, dry muffin I had feared. I would go so far as to say that had I not seen the packet it came out of I would have questioned if it was gf at all!
The ingredients aren’t the most natural but then pre-packed cakes gf or otherwise seldom are. I’ve translated them for reference.

Finnish/ Swedish ingredients – see translation below

Blueberry marmalade (sugar, blueberries 30%, water, thickening agent (E1442 – from potatoes, E440), acidity regulator (E330, E333), preservative (E202), rapeseed oil, tapioca starch, baking powder, stabilising agents (E450), potato starch, raising agent (E500), salt, xantham gum, cinnamon, blueberries 12%. lactose free.


Like many of the gf products I’ve found in Finland they are dairy/lactose free, and so less stressful for my gut to deal with, especially since I was still recovering from a bad glutening before I travelled.

seriously though, look at this…


But perhaps most importantly they were so delicious I had to eat both, no regrets! Aaand though not particularly healthy they were a real treat, in fact in the end the Finn was quite jealous of my cakes (even though he ad had 5 slices of the raspberry/custard/whatever-it-was-confection. I will certainly be tracking these down on my next visit!





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