A pizza the action…


Pizza and wine – how to Sunday!

Basilico Crouch End via Deliveroo vs UberEats

Sorry for the post title, I love a terrible pun almost as much as I love a good pizza. And being gluten free I get way more puns than passable pizza. Today I was feeling very lazy, and because we are flying out to Spain first thing on Tuesday I didn’t really want to buy a load of food to throw half of it out when we go. So lazy Sunday pizza time it is then!!


On my birthday I was feeling similarly lazy and ordered a pizza from my local branch of Basilica through UberEats but the results, though ultimately meaning free pizza for me, were far from Insta-worthy. The whole of the topping had slid off the pizza. It was a sorry sight. My solution to the is was to shove the topping back onto the pizza and fold it over in a kind of build your own calzone. The pizza was their Sicilian, which had goats cheese, roasted red peppers, sunblush tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, red pepper pesto and basil. It was delicious, and the base was amazing, I just wish it hadn’t turned up looking like it had been run over by a truck.


The scene of the Sicilian Massacre – still tasted good – look at those artichokes!
Anyway, thought I would try again and decided to use Deliveroo instead this time in the interest of pizza safety. Today we chose the Portabella-spinaci, with slices of portabella mushroom, ricotta, fresh spinach, fior di latte mozzarella, caramelised onions, cream and shaved grana cheese. It did not disappoint.


This one arrived intact!! Yay!!

Big slices of Portabella, rich from the fior di latte and cream, but sharpness from the grana and the agrodolce notes from the caramelised onions… I’m sold. I had some Muscadet left over from a wine tasting on Friday, which I have fallen for hard. It is a great wine for delicate seafood but it was also more than a match for a white pizza, working well with the salty flavour of the grana.


More gratuitous pizza porn

Taste wise both pizzas delivered big time, though very different! Their gluten free base is consistently good, crispy and passes the Finn test. If he will share my pizza without objections then that qualifies good gluten free base! Although UberEats refunded me promptly for the pizza that they trashed, I do prefer my pizza to arrive intact so I think I will stick to Deliveroo to get it from B to B.


Can’t wait to try my next one!

Although it’s not cheap, with delivery charges it nudges North of £20 for a 12″ GF pizza across most of their range, they have an awesome selection of veggie pizzas I will have to continue to munch my way through!



B. xx

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