Free from G in Funland 


Free from G gluteeniton hapannappi

As it is Finnish Coeliac week (Keliaciaviikko) I’m sharing a few of my favourite finds from my recent trips to the land of Lonkero. One of my friends picked up a pack of these Free From G gluteeniton (gluten free) hapannappi to try…


First things first, what are hapannappi? Delicious, crispy dried breads, which like most bread products from the Nordic region are usually made with rye flour. My tastebuds love Finnish ryebread and its crispbread cousins but the gluten in rye sends my body into turmoil so it is off limits. Fortunately there is an impressive and increasingly wide range of gf goodies on offer here which aim to imitate the rye flavour, and I was keen to give this one a try!


I need to get one thing straight, I am no big fan of improperly used buckwheat. It is an aggressive bully of an ingredient that wipes other tastes off the map. So when I saw that the lead ingredient in these little dried breads was buckwheat flour, my heart sank.


On tasting them though I was pleasantly surprised. The second and third ingredients were teff and brown rice flour respectively which are my go-tos for rye replacement. They stood up well to the challenge, and made the strong buckwheat flavour retreat to a fennel-seed like note, and give them a much more balanced taste. Although it became a bit more pronounced in the aftertaste it wasn’t to an unpleasant degree.



The ingredients are refreshingly natural for a gf product and has the addition of vitamin D from yeast, probably quite necessary in a country with scant daylight for half the year. These are also dairy and egg free so are suitable for gf vegans out there who will be acutely aware of how many gf products use egg to lighten them up!


We’re already thinking about our next trip back to Finland, and I have a whole bunch of posts about the great things I’ve found there already! It has to be the easiest place to be gluten free!

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