FRIDAY 13th – Cookies and Scream 2… You Know What I Ate Yesterday…

Vegan Affogato Shake – the stuff of dreams.


It is almost halloween so I guess it is the perfect time of year for BekiBites to pig out on some more spooky, GF, vegan treats at Cookies and Scream on Holloway Road. Aaaand this sequel did not disappoint! If you’ve not seen part 1, I recommend travelling back in time to when I tried their devilishly good Beelzebub pie.


That handsome devil – sadly missed the Beelzebub Pie on this visit


I’ve been meaning to go back and try some more of their cakes for ages, so when I was across the street running an errand then I didn’t hesitate to get my cake on. Sadly the Beelzebub pie wasn’t there when I visited, although I’ve seen from their Insta account that it is joyfully still around. I had also spotted something going by the name of “Terror Mi Su Creme Brûlée” so picked up one of those and opted again for the Affogato shake, making a welcome return from part 1.


Totally acceptable snack while adulting – kept me in a good mood for the whole of the horror show that is braving the supermarket!


The Affogato shake was every bit as good as I remember, it is seriously decadent and rich, but being made with Swedish Glace (I know from experience that their blueberry flavour makes a killer hard-shake with a good slug of amaretto) rather than dairy ice-cream, and with it’s healthy dose of espresso it leaves you feeling a lot lighter than the average milk-shake. Even when you throw a sizeable cake pot into the mix, which of  course I did.


What’s in a name? Terror Mi Su Creme Brûlée tasted good anyway…


The “Terror Mi Su Creme Brûlée” comes in a pot and is not a creme brûlée, and nor is it really a tiramisu, although I can see where they are going with the name. And it is pretty damn tasty. While it lacked the boozy-coffee kick I demand from a tiramisu, it had a really good balance of textures and flavours. The base was dense and cacao rich and the topping was silky and creamy, but light enough to give it balance. It was good, no argument, but I didn’t love it as much as their Beelzebub pie. I really fell for that pie hard.


And for the close up!!


Feeling suitably stuffed and now calm enough to face doing my grocery shop I picked out a couple of cakes to take home and share with the Pet Finn later. I chose a slab of their Cherry Pie and one of their Ghouls (a monstrous slab of marshmallow brownie).


The Cherry pie was really good, the Pet Finn thought the pastry/casing was a bit too crumbly, but I precisely loved it because it was a little chewy and sat somewhere between flapjack and crumble topping, he listened to my argument and then agreed, which is rare! There were plenty of cherries with the right balance of sharp and sweet and the creamy topping was light and delicious, a total improvement on the low-grade, high sugar Americana classic, and a great option of you’re not a huge chocolate lover.


Once again I have no shame in eating all of the pies… I would gladly do it again any day!


I was feeling quite full by this point but he appeared from the kitchen, Ghoul in hand. A lot of my vegetarian friends really miss decent marshmallows, and spend considerable time tracking down a tasty gelatine-free version. Good news guys… Ghouls are great! They are also HUGE! Big slabs of rich chocolate brownie with sticky marshmallow, Ghouls are certainly not for the faint hearted. It made a refreshing change from the more dainty portion sizes I’m used to for GF offerings.


and that gooey Ghoul!


I was by this point dangerously full but it was totally worth it, both were delicious, and I would be hard pushed to choose between the two. The Pet Finn who is recovering from being off his food after a serious dose of Manflu and is not usually a fan of any kind of dessert that isn’t Caffè corretto was pretty enthused and when asked which he preferred he said “both” in the style of a toddler who has just eaten ALL of the cake.


Ghoul for scale – the container is a soup pot…


Once again Cookies and Scream did not disappoint. It is great to be able to pick anything on the menu and know that you can eat happily there without worrying about cross-contamination or order mix-ups. And because it is all plant-based you tend to feel less stuffed after gorging yourself, which of course means room to try more cakes! If you say to most people gluten free, vegan cafe they probably imagine a protein-ball-spirulina-hell but Cookies and Scream is a great example of providing decadent, fun food for those who are usually stereotyped as the “lettuce-leaf crowd” all in a laid-back rock’n’roll environment, with friendly, helpful servers and for this I 100% LOVE this place.

Oh, and I will be back soon, to hopefully get my paws on another elusive Beelzebub Pie which I’m still dreaming about.


B. xx

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