Happy New Year!

Hello 2018!

Happy New Year to everyone who has taken the time to read BekiBites, THANK YOU! 2017 was a year that threw a lot at me, but I’ve started 2018 feeling more confident and more comfortable in myself. I started last year on a completely different track to the one that I ended it on, and honestly, I’m OK with that. Photography, fashion and creativity will always be a part of me and of my life, but things shift and change, a couple of bad glutenings in the summer (my thumb nails still have dents in them from the way the damage affected my gut’s ability to absorb nutrients) pushed me to think more about food, and how what I eat impacts on my body.

Some photography and styling from the fashion project that I was working on at the start of 2017, although it almost seems a different lifetime ago.

As well as this, 2017 saw me getting back into the restaurant industry too, after a year working in a start-up, a move I made to take some of the strain off my joints and to let my body heal. Working in restaurants I was lucky enough to be around people who are passionate about food on a daily basis. If I start ranting about a food toping at home then The Pet Finn just looks at me the same way that I look at him when he goes off on one about guitars. And maybe the month or so of being forced to rest because of my broken leg, has given me more time than ever to reflect on things…

2017 – also the year of eating my own bodyweight in delicious Japanese food – perks of the job and all that!

I think that a creative background is a blessing to anyone creating recipes, knowing how much of the formula that you need to stick to, and how much you have freedom to play around without ending up with a disaster! Which of course isn’t really a disaster, it is development, part of the creative process to reach where you want to get to, and sometimes makes for a happy accident, not the result that you intended but sometimes something better!

An experiment in vegan baking that kinda went wrong but then went much more right at the same time!

This year I have learned I do really have the patience to bake good cakes and biscuits, even if I have to invent a recipe because I know that gluten free flour is no way going to behave itself the way wheat flour does. I enjoyed that challenge, but I think if I start making more cakes then I will have to start running again once my leg is up to it!

Proving I can cake… If you want to cake too just look here!

I thought about doing Veganuary, because I have been aiming to reduce the amount of non-plant-based food that I eat, for a mix of health, environmental, welfare and budget reasons, but one of my main resolutions is to look at food waste and packaging, so I chose to eat through the cheesepocalypse that my fridge has become, and have decided to undertake a vegan month once it get warmer, and I am more mobile for battling with the grocery shop.

Some Veganuary inspo… and more coming up!

I will post up some GF Veganuary inspo though for any readers trying it out but feel like they have hit a wall. And also expect lots of recipes for using up leftovers throughout the year too! Don’t fear though, some French friends are visiting and they seem willing and able to help me dispose of cheese mountain. I even introduced them to the I think fairly Yorkshire thing (do other people do this??) of eating Christmas cake and Wensleydale cheese together. In fact the Wensleydale won some new fans who will be taking a few blocks back to the South of France with them!

One of the Bloomsbury books I read over the festive period… And joulutorttu

I’ve also spent the Christmas time thumbing through the 6 beautiful cookbooks that I am very grateful for winning in the Bloomsbury Publishing competition. I will be posting a bit more about them soon, but I am terrible at following recipes, I’m always on the lookout for things to change, ways to make something more me… In short I hate being told what to do, although all of them have some delicious things in them so maybe I will have to behave myself for once!!

Anyway I wish all my readers an amazing 2018! I hope you like the things I have in the pipeline for BekiBites!

B. xx

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