Going Above and Beyond at Beyond Bread, Upper Street

Back when I was working at the start-up in Bloomsbury I used to love popping to the Fitzrovia branch of Beyond Bread for my cinnamon bun fix, and developed a slightly expensive habit for their toasted ciabatta… seriously the closest to a normal one I have found yet! After being pretty much signed off my physio, meaning I can get back to relaxing weekend walks (maybe via a pub) and yoga and other nonsense, and with a couple of hours to kill before a job interview, I decided to hit up their Upper Street branch and eat my nerves.

Hint, if you hear people speaking French in an exclusively Gluten Free spot, and they’re consuming something other than coffee you’re in a special kind of place! As with anywhere exclusively GF there is almost too much choice, like being slapped with indecision! I am a big fan of their goats cheese and sweet chilli ciabatta, also featuring ham, but the meat is a supporting role… there is probably something for everyone there. I chose the sweet potato falafel with roasted vegetables and tahini dressing, and my standard double espresso.

The toasted ciabatta was as good as I remember, that is excellent, just like a gluteny one except minus the horrific consequences. The falafel were tasty and soft, perfectly roasted aubergine and peppers and the tahini dressing was a revelation. With a day and a half to to haul yourselves across the line if you’re doing Veganuary I can 100% recommend this sandwich to keep you to task. The espresso was perfect with a good amount of crema, ticking all the boxes for this caffeine fiend.

I couldn’t resist getting a cinnamon bun to add to my interview ballast. It was better than I remembered, chewier, stickier and all round perfect… if they would only have a cardamom one I would be in heaven, but this was pretty close! I also tried one of the tasters of banana bread which had a great texture but fired off my buckwheat detectors big time. Story. Of. My. Life. buckwheat popping up to say hello while I’m just trying to enjoy something resembling a baked good. If you’re not victim to a similar foible and are ok with buckwheat I imagine this would be a good banana bread though.

It is probably a good job I was on my way to a job interview, otherwise I think I would have blown most of the weekly food budget on their loaves of bread, but I doubt it is acceptable to show up looking like a walking bakery stand! They also have a great looking brunch selection, from health conscious options to what looks like a wonderfully hangover busting full English!

Also big thanks to the two very sweet servers who wished me luck with my interview today! I don’t think I will be leaving it so long for my next visit!

B. xx

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