Chamomile Cafe… Winning Me Over With North West London Charm And Great Gluten Free Choices

Although it has been a little while since my last visit, this review of the charming Chamomile Cafe, NW3 has been sitting as a draft waiting for the warmer weather, when you might want to go for a wander on Primrose Hill without fear of transforming into a human icicle. Back when I was working over on Haverstock Hill for a month or so, I dropped into this place quite often, and felt very welcomed by the selection of gluten free options. Like the nearby Ginger and White, it can get very busy on weekends, and you might have a short wait for a suitable table, but they do a great brunch in a warm, very North London environment and have some great dishes that you will want to dive into after scaling that huge hill and taking in some breathtaking London views!

As spring seems a little bit shy this year, there are plenty of warming options on the menu, like this homemade carrot and chickpea soup, which had a good balance of flavours and was quite filling, and you can switch your accompanying bread to a gluten free option. The soups on offer can vary a bit so just speak to the waiting staff to make sure that it is suitable/safe.

If you are in the mood for something more filling, they do a great omelette, perfectly cooked, generous fillings and again available with a trusty companion in the shape of pretty decent gluten free bread, and an honourable mention to the fresh and perky rocket as well… no soggy side salads here!

The Niçoise serves up a sizeable piece of salmon in the place of tuna, and feels both generous enough to put a hangover in its place and still feels virtuous enough to make it a great post yoga or park run lunch. This is a strong salad, vibrant fresh leaves, a good balance of ingredients and just-gooey boiled eggs to back up the succulent salmon.

And of course if you want to go and give your life a little more balance by adding some caffeine and sugar into the mix, then I can fully recommend their coffees, locally roasted in West London with baristas who know their way around a coffee machine! And if there is coffee there must be cake! They had a stunningly good gluten free almond cake on one of my visits, which absolutely took me back to Mallorca, and oh do we need a little bit of sunshine right? The cake was served with fresh tongs which is always good to see, and the staff seemed to be really knowledgeable about their gluten free options! They also have GF porridge available as a breakfast option, if you’re looking for something more sensible to start the day, than coffee and cake!

England’s Lane and Haverstock Hill have some great Gluten Free options available, if you’re in the area on a Wednesday and have the wants for some Fish and Chips then you should also take a look at Oliver’s which gets my Whitby girl seal of approval! London has so many hidden gems, and this little area is definitely one of them, and well worth a wander once we get this long overdue spring sunshine! Chamomile is a great local cafe and really gives you a feel for the area’s slightly arty, bohemian vibe, without feeling like it is trying too hard!

Have a great weekend!


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