Three of the Best… Gluten Free Donuts

Here’s a post I never thought I would be writing but here I am… proving that even us coeliacs can have our cake and eat it! What’s more these are all vegan too! So in no particular order…

Cookies & Scream, Holloway Road

Avid readers will know of my LOVE for this entirely gluten free, vegan cakery, so much so that it has been featured on BekiBites, not once, but twice. This was also my first gluten free doughnut experience! Actually not even mine, but I stole a bite or two of my lovely friend Kristiina (aka singer K Treg)’s glazed beastie when we had a band widow day out while the boys made their noise, and all my apprehensions about not really liking chocolate and orange together went out the window. Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a classic combo but I’ve never been a fan… y’all can keep your gf Jaffa cakes, not interested unless you make a cherry/blueberry version. Anyway these are a killer addition to the pretty faultless lineup at Cookies & Scream, London’s most rock’n’roll cake shop and a must hit for anyone who is gluten free and/or vegan.

Borough 22 via Planet Organic and various other locations

I’ve been eyeing these doughnuts on the gf ‘gram for some time and was happy to see them in the Planet Organic close to work (they have various other stockists, check their insta if you’re not already following). In a world where free-from can be bywords for heavy and tasteless, these are a revelation, they have a light texture and a perfect cinnamon sugar coating that resulted in me also licking off most of my lipstick as I walked along Tottenham Court Road. Doughnut 1 – Makeup Nil, zero fucks given, they’re great!! Can’t wait to get my hands on some of their other flavours!

Ruby’s of London via Leon and various other outlets

Too pretty to say no to on a sunny spring day these make a great addition to Leon’s widening gluten free and vegan options (in the background is their vegan burger in gluten free bun, but more of that soon, this is allll about the sweet treats!). I was a bit concerned at how thick the glaze was and thought it might make the doughnut feel too heavy, but once I started eating it all made perfect sense, with a surprise kick of cinnamon from the doughnut itself, to add to the classic rose/pistachio mix in the glaze. Not just a pretty face after all!Does anyone have any other gluten free doughnut recommendations? I feel like I should obviously try them all in the name of research! And I feel like I deserve a few treats! Starting a new job and all the learning involved has left me feeling a little drained and uninspired lately, hence no recipes and not much in the way of blog posts, although I’m now feeling a bit more on top of things and hopefully ideas will make their way from notes, scribbles and experiments to recipes again soon! On a plus, I’ve been able to enjoy the unseasonably nice weather a bit and finally got to see the Detroit Cobras, who have been one of my favourite bands for about 15 years play live… anyone who demands a cocktail when she takes to the stage is a girl after my own heart! B. xx

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