Oh Hi There!!

Apologies for the radio silence, long time no post I know! Lots of reasons…

…starting a few job and getting my head around how everything works there…

…early summer is sometimes a difficult time for me, there are a few sad anniversaries that often drag up a whole lot of past…

… celebrating midsummer on Finland…

… and my birthday in London…

…a few things playing on my mind about where I want to take my life, involving some pretty huge decisions (more to come on those in due course, they’re pretty exciting if a little overwhelming) which left me feeling a bit rudderless…

…and you know, actually living!

I’ve got lots of great posts coming up, including some amazing eats in both London and Helsinki, some recipes that aren’t vegan cakes, maybe some that are, and some posts that draw both on my experience working in the restaurant industry and on eating pretty much everything gluten free I can get my teeth into.

On that note is there anything any of you want to ask about eating out gluten free? I’m compiling a lot of stuff that I get asked, or pick up on on a daily basis at work, but if anyone has something specific anyone wants me to discuss I’d love to know!

B. xx

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