Mildred’s Camden: Where to Eat Gluten Free Vegan

Yesterday lunchtime one of my favourite bats was in town, and where to take a vegan vampire before they have to dash to the airport? Mildred’s in Camden is a bit of a no brainer! Ok, so their allergen disclaimer is written intimidatingly huge on the door, but once you step inside their allergen menu is really easy to understand, showing which dishes are cooked in shared fryers and grills. Even narrowed down like this I still had a bit of a job to choose.

First up was the smashed avo and purple corn chips, which I had to fight to get this photo of before a flurry of hands dived in, mine included… great guac and I’m guessing the same awesome corn chips that I get from my local deli. So good we had to order another round of it!

From their Gluten Free selection I was torn between the Soul Bowl and the Sri Lankan curry, although they had some tasty looking small plates too. In the end I went for the curry and it was damn tasty, and enormous!! The coconut based sauce was rich, creamy and full of flavour, plenty of squash and french beans, and nuts for crunch. Punchy sambal on the side? Oh my my, oh hell yes! Full disclosure if I had eaten it all I would have fallen asleep at work, I was only a couple of forkfuls from entering a food coma! The Pet Finn did a better job of his and confessed he had to have a little nap when he got home! Our friend Jyrki had an excellent looking, but sadly off limits vegan burger and sweet potato fries.

The staff were really friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. All the dishes I was eating were clearly marked with little bamboo sticks saying “allergy” on them.

Being mostly vegetarian/ occasional pescatarian and gluten free can be a challenge, and there are times when I just go for whatever I can get my hands on and safely eat, especially when I’m in a hurry and hungry, because then there is a real risk I will just bite somebody… I’m a nightmare when I’m hungry! For my friends who are Coeliac and vegan, I salute you! So for once it was wonderful to eat somewhere where your meal didn’t feel like an afterthought, but something tasty and balanced!

Also for those of you who may have panicked a bit that the Old Compton Street Mildred’s had shut up shop, they’re still in Soho, over on Lexington street!

Enjoy your weekend!

B. xx

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