Beijummy: the gluten free Brazilian Bread Boys fighting the grey in East London

Oh hi there October, creeping up on us like that! Yup, time to face it, summer is really over, even if the guy taking the tube this morning in shorts is clinging onto it for dear life! Luckily I’ve found an antidote!

Sure Spitalfields has changed a lot since I moved to London but even bathed in sunshine I think you’d be pushing it to say tropical. The boys from Beijummy obviously decided that the place needs a little brightening up, and to fight the grey, they are peddling some delicious fully gluten free flatbreads from Brazil filled with all manner of good stuff and a whole lot of LOVE!

These Beijus originate from tribes in the Amazon (not sure theirs are stuffed with Brie, mind you!) and made from cassava flour that is processed in house to avoid any nasty additives. You can either design your own filling or go with one of theirs, and customise flavours if you want, although apparently they will rein you in if you try an make something too weird! They also sell bags of the prepared cassava and are happy to give a masterclass of you want to take some away and make your own!

On my first visit I had the butternut squash and Brie which was an oozing cheesy delight. So delightful that when I tried to take a picture of it I managed to make a video instead. I used to work professionally as a photographer for hell’s sake, and now I’m rendered incapable by a Brie bomb!

The beiju itself is light and crispy, rather than “bready”, but it holds together well, not crumbling or flaking like a pastry would, even when packed with delicious fillings, I think my initial thoughts of it being basically a very sexy pasty would be doing it a bit of a disservice, it is seriously good!

On my next visit I wanted the mushroom and goat’s cheese version but they’d just run out of mushrooms for the day so I kept the goat’s cheese and combined it with the beetroot and walnut combo that usually goes with blue cheese. It was even better than the first one, although I was prepared this time and managed to compose myself enough to take some half decent pictures of it!

They have become my bribe to self when I spend the odd day working over east and battling my commute via Liverpool Street. Even though the offerings are improving, it’s pretty rare to find good, hot, gluten free food on the go, and these guys are gold! Melted cheese, and packed with fresh fillings, enough veggies to make it still feel pretty healthy… Guaranteed sunshine for your day! Go see them now!

Find them at Whitecross Street Market and Spitalfields Street Food Market.

B. xx

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