Where did the time go?

Nothing like a crisis to give you time to write? It feels strange to suddenly have time on my hands again, so long after I last wrote anything. Managing a restaurant does that, it swallows your time as readily as you swallow the cake leftover from a photoshoot. Now the hospitality industry is on ice, “furloughed”, waiting for the Coronavirus pandemic to subside. And until then, I am left with time revive the half-written pieces squirrelled on notes, the chance to use my brain in a different way, now that my schedule had been ripped from under my feet… Funny how my biggest worry a few weeks ago was coaching a supervisor to lead a busy shift?

On the plus side I don’t have to feel guilty about wanting to stay home and not waste my day off. And it is definitely a good feeling to be able to spend some more time in my own kitchen, even if I am irritating the hell out of the Pet Finn by asking him what he wants for dinner when he has hardly finished his breakfast.

An easy tart and some bitter leaves
Wild garlic dhal… making the most of our exercise hour to forage
Carrot salad, garlic and white miso dressing, eat the rainbow
and one for when the carb cravings hit, mushroom kroppkakor, creamy allspice spiked sauce and rioja lingonberries

B. xx

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