Gluten free food… Rock’n’Roll lifestyle???

So who is Beki? Aside from writing, I work in the restaurant industry, currently as a General Manager, although given the current situation, who knows? Other than hospitality I have also worked across a few different industries from a music/fashion photographer, to working at a tech startup, always drawn to something with a creative challenge.

I grew up in the middle of nowhere in North Yorkshire, a beautiful place to visit, but so quiet I would go mad if I stayed there longterm. At the moment I live in Highgate, North London with my partner, sometimes referred to as the “Pet Finn”, sometimes called much worse, a noisy guitar player, designer and artist from Santa Claus land. We had been hoping to move to Helsinki by the summer but all that is now on ice, and I finally have time to write again.

Why did I start writing about food? I guess I am pretty obsessed with it – I’ve always wanted to try anything new, different, or weird, travelling, and tasting. The snag is that I have Coeliac disease and really shouldn’t be eating dairy either (ugh, lactose problems). No gluten, no dairy, no fun? HELL NO! I write about my experiences in the restaurant world, my favourite places to eat, from fine dining to street-food, gluten free products and recipes, and sometimes about just craving a real, normal, gluten-filled baguette.